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« Dátum: Július 31, 2018, 10:00:52 pm »
CudaMiner is a simple console application for coin mining on NVidia video cards. The program does not have its own GUI, i.e. it works from the command line. By default, it is set to Scrypt, but it can also support the following algorithms:

Scrypt-jane (Yacoin and other)
Script with a larger N (VertCoin)
MaxCoin - (SHA-3 or Keccak256)
Sha256 - (without GPU acceleration)
Run the required executable file depending on the bit size and platform (x64 or x86).
In. bat file insert the following parameters:
cudaminer.exe -o -u Username.Workername -p password
instead of Username fields.Worker name, password and (here is the address of the pool) substitute their values.
After you run it, you'll see something like this:
If you successfully run each found ball (share) will be displayed in the console window of the miner, there you can see the performance and time.
The speed is calculated in the number of found hashes per second. If you consider Litecoin, it is usually kh/s (kilokari per second).
The new versions of CUDAMiner has an order of magnitude better performance, so try time to upgrade your software to the most current version. Typically, with major updates, the difference can be 5-15%.