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 This trading robot automatically trades on the EXMO exchange at the edges of the glasses with the specified spread. The main task of the bot is to familiarize users with the code. The authors do not guarantee you a constant increase in the Deposit. You use it at your own risk. No claims are accepted. If in doubt, then just do not use.
Download Beta
Download current version
1. For bot you need to install Python 2.7.5 (
2. On the Exmo exchange enter the menu Profile = > Settings = > API, there click "Generate and save keys".
3. Open in any text editor (Notepad, Notepad, etc.) the file bot_exmo1 and copy your API keys to the file as shown in the screenshot:
4. File bot_exmo1 copy To a folder with Python27 (by default the program is installed on the C drive:)
Once you have installed Python 2.7.5, saved your API keys and copied the bot file to the Python directory, you can run the bot.
To run the Bot, you need to run the Python command line (command line)
and enter or copy and paste the command text below
import bot_exmo1 ('btc_rub', round_rate=2, am_min=0.001, sp_cancel=1, sp_lim1=0.6, am_lim=0.05)
Press <Enter>at the end of the lines.

the Bot works with all the funds on the account at once, does not divide them into parts!

launch Options:
1. The first parameter sets the trading pair on which the bot will work.
Valid values: doge_rub, doge_btc, dash_btc, dash_usd, eth_btc, eth_usd, eth_rub, ltc_rub, ltc_btc, buy, btc_rub, usd_rub, btc_eur.
2. round_rate. The number of decimal places in the price of this pair. Used in calculations for rounding.
3. am_min. The minimum possible order volume on the pair.
4. sp_cancel. If the order is farther from the average rate than this value (in percentage), then the bot cancels its current order.
5. sp_lim1. If the spread is lower than this level (in percentage), the bot calculates the price taking into account foreign orders in both cups.
6. am_lim. The bot places an order not on the edge of the glass, but with an offset from it on the volume of the instrument that is specified in this parameter. As a result, our order should not exceed the specified volume.
am_lim affects both the placing of orders and their cancellation.

To stop the bot without leaving the Python, press Ctrl+C (press 2 times in a row). Then you can call up the last command (the start line) and correct it.

This bot was tested on the Exmo exchange for a month, and there were good days and bad (to change the Deposit).
It all depends on the correctness of the selected parameters and market movements.

There are many comments in the bot file (the line starts with the "#"character). If desired, and the ability to program a little bit, you can edit the code to fit your needs.
Good luck with your experiments!
Over time, we will try to make the code description more detailed.

Important note: Of course, to trade a bot you need a separate account. Despite the rules of the exchange, this can be agreed through support. It is important not to signup under me. Therefore, as a thank you for the distribution of the bot can register new accounts on my affiliate link: EXMO.
If the Bot was useful to you, for example, for educational purposes, or helped to make money on the exchange, do not forget to thank the author. Wallet for donation is specified in the third line of the bot code, in the file bot_exmo1.