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 Works in the cloud, around the clock. This means that you do not need to keep your computer on, or buy and configure VPS. You just have access to the bot's control panel through your browser. In addition, this means that the bot is constantly updating, but you do not see it for you, it goes in the background and you do not need to think about it – you just always have the latest version of the bot. Immediately after turning on the bot works on the preset settings, and you can already start earning, simultaneously figuring out what's what.

  the algorithm of – is somewhat similar to martingale: at the beginning of the trade bot puts a set of orders (the so-called table of macro orders). Orders in this table start from the last deal price minus the first step indentation (this is the strategy parameter) and continue on, and each next order is cheaper than the previous one, but at the same time it is more by the martingale value (also the strategy parameter). When executing macro orders, the funds received from the trade are placed in a single fixed order with a specified profit. Thus, if the work started and the price goes down, the macro orders will be executed one by one, getting into the fix and with each new executed order the fix becomes larger in volume, but cheaper in price, thereby increasing the probability of its execution when the price bounces.
The bot is able to work in both directions, placing the purchase table down from the current price (the so-called long algorithm) or putting the sales table up from the current price (the so-called Short algorithm). In other words, the long algorithm is "bought cheaper, then sold more expensive", and the Short algorithm is"sold more expensive, then bought cheaper". At the same time, the profit in both strategies is accumulated in the second currency of the pair (that is, in the case of Short, the bot does not buy all the funds received from the sale, but exactly as much crypts as it was sold).

In addition, the bot has a function of "lifting orders". For example, if a bot has set up a table of purchases and waits for its execution to start, but the market price has gone up, moving away from the table, then when the price goes by a certain value from the first macro order (set by the parameter or the value of the double indentation of the first step is used), the entire table will be moved closer to the last price. Thus, the table seems to be "tightened" after the course of the market, until its execution begins.

 Supported exchange: WEX, BINANCE, BITFINEX, BITTREX, POLONIEX, EXMO, HUOBI, HITBTC, and BITSTAMP. The list of supported exchanges is constantly growing. The bot is able to trade any pair supported by the exchange. The list of available pairs is constantly up-to-date, as the bot receives it from the exchange. Also, the bot automatically takes into account all the commissions of the exchange, and you do not need to think about them. Commissions are always taken current (bot receives them from the exchange). Also on some exchanges, each user has his own commissions-in such cases, the bot receives your current Commission. However, keep in mind that sometimes exchanges give different discounts on commissions, information about which is not given to bots and the bot can not know it. In such cases, you can specify the exchange Commission in the bot settings, or specify 0 there and take into account the commissions in other settings of the strategy yourself. For example, BINANCE gives a discount on commissions for some time after registration.

separately on BITFINEX: unlike many other bots, this bot works with THIS exchange very quickly, removing/placing dozens of orders in a matter of seconds, which makes the work on BITFINEX quite comfortable (description here).

 The manual of the bot available here:

A blog about the bot:

Forum about bot:

Telegram channel:

Telegram chat:

 In related forum thread dear izlevinv conducts public auction using this bot, showing how the settings and the results, explaining the subtleties and various pitfalls in the manufacturing crypt: / index.php?/ topic/27623-bot-2-first-cloud-bot-path-long-in-358-in-btc-in-8-months/


 Registration is free. You will need the so-called API Key to work. This is a key consisting of two values-API and Secret (public key and private key). All exchanges have it, you can get it in the settings of your account on the exchange. Please note that the key can only work in one place. For the bot key must be new (previously never used) and after the registration of the bot it can not be entered anywhere at all – including the registration of the second bot, as well as in various programs such as TabTrader, etc.this rule is iron. If you use this key anywhere else, the exchange will notice it (there is a special mechanism) and ban the key. More bot will not be able to work with this key and will need to replace the key in the bot (as long as you can not do it yourself, you need to write in poddezhku this bot). So once again-to register the bot make a new key and forget about it forever.

The key also has a set of parameters – the so-called "rights". This is what can be done using this key and what cannot be done. Never give the key the right to enter-withdraw funds from your account – the bot does not use it. The key must have the right to receive (read) information about your account (to obtain balances and commissions, on some exchanges called simply - information), as well as the right to view and create/delete (read/write) orders (on some exchanges called the right to trade).

Now details on the exchanges and the preparation of accounts to work on:
WEX: the key must have info and trade rights
BITFINEX: the account must be of type Trader or Exchange, the key must have read rights for account info, account history, wallet, and read/write rights for orders operations. In addition, the Fee type of the exchange order must be set in Currency exchange fee (the fee is charged in the final currency of the transaction you receive on the account).
POLONIEX : your Deposit must be on Exchange (there is still a Margin, the bot will see it, but will not be able to use it).

BITSTAMP : the key should have rights as on the picture here: picture

 Go on. You need to come up with a login and password that you will use to log into the control panel of the bot.

 All prepared, open the bot page at the address and click the registration button:

In the registration window that opens, enter your data in order:
- Select the exchange to work (in the future change is possible only through support)
- Choose a strategy (see above and instructions, you can change yourself at any time)
- Choose a pair for trading (you can change it at any time)
- Enter the invented username and password (in the future change is possible only through support)
- Enter your mailbox (must be working in the future change is possible only through support)

 All, click send. If all is well, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation of registration, and the browser is redirected to the login page in your bot. Please note that there are many bots, at different addresses, and you can only log in to your address – this is the address that opened in your browser. Also your login address is in the confirmation email.

Enter your username and password and go to the control panel of the bot. Registration is complete.


You must go to the settings and enter your keys, then click "Save". Then you can check and adjust the settings of your bot, if you want. Immediately after registration there are certain settings that are suitable for most couples and can be said to suffer from numerous users of the bot. Then you can pay for the subscription and the bot will start working immediately after payment (within a few minutes). Payment is made directly from the control panel, there is a corresponding button. You will be redirected to the payment page and then to The Yandex payment service.Till. Please note - this is not Yandex.Money is the acceptance of payments. You can pay there with both Bank cards and some electronic money. For payment you do not need any account on Yandex, or even more Yandex money.

It is also highly desirable to hide all deposits that will not be used in trading for reinsurance before bidding. For example, you have chosen a LONG strategy and a couple ETH_BTC and your account is 10 5 ETH and BTC. Your LONG strategy means that the bot will buy ETH for BTC, and then sell it for more. That is, the bot needs only BTC to work, your 10 ETH is not needed. They should be hidden-as an option, manually create a SELL order for all 10 ETH at some sky-high price, that it would never be fulfilled, but 10 ETH did not Shine in the depot available for trading. In this case, if suddenly there will be a failure / sticking / hang/incorrect data and so on on on the exchange and the bot decides that all purchases were executed and should be fixed (and in reality it is a failure, they were not executed) - the bot will simply have nothing to sell and nothing will happen, he will make 10 attempts to sell


There is a link to support in the control panel. Clicking on the link will open your mail program. In the subject line will be filled your referral number of the bot. Do NOT DELETE IT, without it I can't find your bot.