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Wallet update!
Bug fixes and improved communication stability

FantasyGold Coin Announcement Thread


What is Fantasy Gold Coin?

Fantasy Gold built by the developers of DFSCoin to swap its blockchain to use the latest advancements in Masternode services and decentralized community governance.

Fantasy Gold is a peer to peer crypto currency and blockchain serving the $7Billion fantasy sports industry in both the B2B and B2C spaces as well as the $1.5 billion competitive eSports industry. Fantasy Gold acts as in-game currency used to enter contests and pay prizes as well as a payment processing network. Fantasy Gold Coin is more secure for both the end user and fantasy sports sites. Transaction costs are fractions of a penny and our blockchain and open ledger players can be confident their deposited funds are safe and used only to pay out prize pools.

Unlike using traditional centralized payment processing the Fantasy Gold project does not charge any addition transaction or service fees to use the payment network. Senders pay a small transaction fee that is awarded to miners who process the transactions and Masternodes who verify the transactions. Anyone with access to standard desktop graphics cards can act as a miner and anyone who holds 10,000 Fantasy Gold coins can run a Masternode on a basic VPS server or even a Raspberry Pi.

Fantasy Gold will host daily fantasy sports contests on its own branded site using the Company’s proprietary Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) platform. allows users compete against one another to win prizes awarded in Fantasy Gold Coin (FGC). The site currently offers daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for the following sports leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. We anticipate launching Fantasy Cricket in May 2018 followed by Fantasy Soccer.

eSports tournaments and 1v1 contests will be hosted on the Company’s proprietary eSports platform, Fantasy Gold will hold monthly live tournament events starting in May 2018 in Las Vegas with a minimum of 300,000 expected viewers per event. Fantasy Gold Coin will be the in game currency used for tournament entries and prize pools. Live events may also include additional cash prizes provided by sponsors and from crowd sourcing. FantasyGold has partnered with Millennial eSports to organize the events to be held at their eSports Arena in Las Vegas.

Fantasy Gold Specifications

Ticker: FGC
Algorithm: NIST5
RPC Port: 57810
P2P Port: 57814
Block Reward: 47 FGC
Block Spacing: 90 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Block Size: 1MB
Mined/Minted Maturity: 67 Blocks (~100 Minutes)
Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~9 Minutes)
Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR
PoS: Blackcoin v3.0 PoS

FantasyGold Masternodes

Masternodes help secure the Fantasy Gold network by making it more decentralized, providing a consensus for every transaction.

Masternodes are nodes (servers) that run the Fantasy Gold wallet software that provide additional services to the network including instant and private transactions. However the one of the more important features are decentralized community governance and budgeting systems and the ability to publish immutable proposals to the community with the means to vote on proposals.
For providing these important services, Masternode owners are rewarded a portion of each block.
Block rewards will be split between POS and Masternodes as follows:
20% POS / 80% Masternodes

The block reward is 90% to Masternodes and 10% to Miners. After block 43200 the reward is split 80% to Masternodes and 20% to staking.


Main Information Page:
Block Explorer: http://FantasyGold.Network
Fantasy Sports Sites:
eSports Platform:

FantasyGold Coin Wallet Links:

Download Wallets:

Fantasy Gold Core Team:
Nicolas Hernandez (Lead DFSCoin and Fantasy Gold Dev)
Jason Liberto (Sr Vice President Business Operations)
Tim Baker (FantasyGold Coin Dev)
Alok Kumar Saxena (CTO and Lead Dev)
Mark Petrozzella (Director of Business Development)
Steven Spooner (Communications Director)
Craig Williams (Community Director)